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➠ [50] Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
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➠ [15] Toradora!

➠ [10] Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
➠ [5] Miyavi

[fic] Saltare

Title: Saltare
Author: aimeeshii 
Pairing: Hibari Kyouya/Dokuro Chrome.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Nagi had promised to meet a boy from her childhood when they were older, there was just one problem: she didn't know his name.

( Herbivore, if you're going to ask a question,” he said lowly, “have the guts to explain yourself.” )

WnR's Third Round


Looking for a fanfic contest, but can’t find one that focuses on KHR? Well then, we’re happy to say there is a new community just for that! The recently created community, write_and_run , is now open and you can find our third prompt here.

Check it out to see if it's something that interests you enough to participate. Or perhaps you enjoy reading more? There will be plenty of great fics to read, so join up - or put us on watch! There's nothing wrong with a bit of community stalking (as long as you remember to read and review!)
Hello all,

As you may or may not know, we have just closed author sign-ups at the KHR guess-the-author challenge, khr_undercover, but we need people with a good grasp of the English language to act as betas for our authors. If you would like to pinch in, please sign-up at this post. Comments are screened.

Also, I have started a drabble game in our sister comm hitman_hangout. Everyone's welcome to play, so please hop on over to that post!

[fic] une chanson pour la dame perséphone

Title: Une Chanson Pour La Dame Perséphone
Pairing: M.M./Chrome, mentioned Mukuro/Chrome and Mukuro/M.M.
Rating: R for femmeslash :)
Disclaimer: KHR and all its characters are not my property.
Notes: Written for oh_shit_santa's Summer Fest '10.
Summary: Your enemy is sleeping, and his woman is free.

( The context is more important than the concept. )

[fic] Fields Beyond Fields

Title: Fields Beyond Fields
Pairing: Mukuro/Chrome
Warning: R
Disclaimer: Rilke, Neruda, and KHR aren't mine.

Two journeys in Six Realms.

( The desire for freedom is the acknowledgment of captivity. )

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Um..please don't be dead...

Hey everyone! This is my first post here. I'm psyched to see a comm for Chrome here, she's sorely underappreciated. Anyway, I come with a fandub:

Namida no Ondo FandubCollapse )
Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated. Thanks to kokusho_yukari for letting borrow the translation!

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first fanfic *gulp*

Title: Lines
Author: sylphs_dream
Rating: G... there's really nothing in this, I think... *is tentative*
Fandom: KHR
Pairing: Gen, Chrome-centric
Genre: angst,
Warnings: um... non-existent plot collapse at the end? and long drabble-ness that doesn't go where it should?
Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me... it all goes to Amano Akira.
Summary: She draws lines. Perhaps to sort out where she fits in. Maybe.

I can't come up with some cool quote to put here and LURE you to read it...*cries*

This is my first fanfic post... and first post here, so if I'm doing anything wrong, please tell me...

Crossposted at [info]hitman_reborn and [info]dokurochrome

Sorry if you see this more than once! *wince*

Ivory & Wire & Pearls - Chrome FST

Medium: Anime/Manga
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Subject: Chrome Dokouro
Title: Ivory & Wire & Pearls
Warnings: None
Notes: .Rar; 10 songs include The Weepies, The Hush Sound, The Dollyrots, Boys Like Girls, and Jack's Mannequin

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